Georgette’s Story

grad-ywcaIn a few month’s time, a person’s life can fall apart.

Often, poverty strikes because of circumstances that are beyond someone’s control.

Friends, homes, and jobs can all become jeopardized without a moment’s notice. Georgette shows us that poverty is devastating, but she also shows us that it’s possible to recover.

Georgette ran her own business for ten years, with another job on the side. However, when she lost her job, it became difficult to stock her store, so she had to turn to a friend for help.

“I was sleeping in my friend’s garage,” she said. “It was cold. I had nowhere to take my stuff. I lost everything I had.”

Eventually, Georgette’s friend told her to leave if she couldn’t find money for rent, food, and utilities. “So I signed up for supportive living with Meridian Services, and they told me to come to the YWCA because I had nowhere else to go.”

Now that she’s part of the YWCA community, Georgette has a place where she doesn’t have to fork over money to stay warm. She can thrive in an environment that’s designed to help women feel less vulnerable and more empowered.

On May 14, 2015, Georgette received an associate’s degree in Human Services from Ivy Tech. She graduated with honors, even though she was juggling an internship at the same time. Her new goal is to go to a four-year university and become a social worker.

“I appreciate where I’m at,” she says. “I’m glad the YWCA was here for me when I needed the help.” And we’re glad she came to us.

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