Q: Where is the YWCA of Central Indiana located?
The YWCA of Central Indiana is located at 310 E. Charles Street, Muncie, Indiana.

Q: When was the YWCA founded?
London, England was the home to the first YWCA, established in 1855. The first chapter in the United States was founded in 1858. The YWCA of Central Indiana got its start in 1910 when a group of Muncie women began meeting in the home of Mrs. A.L Johnson. The group first called themselves the Young Women’s Social and Betterment Association, but in December 1911, 17 women met to organize a board for a Young Women’s Christian Association. Construction of the current building began in 1925, and it was dedicated in 1927.

Q: What is the purpose of the YWCA?
The YWCA works to eliminate racism, empower women, promote social justice, help families and strengthen the community it serves.

Q: What kind of programs does the YWCA offer?
The YWCA offers an emergency shelter for women and children that includes wraparound services, as well as education in financial literacy, housing, and professional development; the C.O.T.S.  Stay Program (complimentary, overnight, temporary, shelter stay); Second Stage long-term housing; facility rental space; and a resale shop.

Q: What is YWCA USA?
YWCA of Central Indiana is one of 200 local associations across the United States. Each local YWCA offers programming to meet the needs within their own communities. YWCA USA supports local associations by offering training, networking opportunities, special initiatives, advocacy, and lobbying for policies that affect racial equality and women’s issues.

Q: Is the YWCA a Christian organization?
The YWCA’s mission was originally inspired by Christian principles, but in recent years has embraced an inclusive vision that welcomes people of all faiths, as well as those with no religious affiliation. 

Q: How can I support the YWCA?
There are many ways to help the YWCA of Central Indiana – through volunteering, donating to the shelter or resale shop, advocating and shopping at our resale store.

Q: How can I get in touch with the YWCA?
Call 765-284-3345.