Staff Profiles


WaTasha Barnes Griffin is the YWCA’s Chief Executive Officer. She has been with the YWCA since 2015.

As CEO, Barnes Griffin is responsible for being the advocate for the organization – out in the community talking about the YWCA’s work and being at any table where the issues of women and girls, and their economic empowerment and advancement, are being discussed.

Barnes Griffin said all her community work in recent years has been related to issues that impact women.

“The mission of the YWCA is to eliminate racism and empower women,” she said. “Both of those things are closely aligned with my personal mission, as well. For me, intentionality is important. Anything that I am involved with has to involve women, education or the advancement of women in their lives. ”

Barnes Griffin said her dream for the future of the YWCA is for it to continue to fulfill its mission – being a valuable resource for the community as it has been since 1911.

“We want to make sure our organization, and what we do, continues to serve and to lift and support women and children for another 100-plus years,” she said.

TK Thomas is the YWCA’s Residential Coordinator. She can be reached at

Katie Bittermann is the YWCA’s Emergency Shelter Program Manager.

As Program Director, Bittermann oversees the YWCA’s residential department and coordinates the programming for YWCA residents.

Programs offered by the YWCA cover a wide variety of topics including financial literacy, professional development, informational programming from the Muncie Housing authority, tobacco awareness/cessation, and Essential Discovery – providing some training in life skills, such as time management and relationship building.

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Leonard Tucker is the YWCA’s Facility Director. He has worked at the YWCA since 2004.

Tucker performs a variety of tasks, from making repairs, to cleaning, to covering the front desk. It’s a job he loves because it is different every day.

“I love the mechanical issues and the challenge of it – figuring out what the problem is and solving a problem,” Tucker said.

But the impact the YWCA has on individual lives is what Tucker feels most proud of.

“There are so many stories that come in and out of this building,” he said.  “Some of them are very touching. You learn that just because you’re homeless doesn’t mean you’re not human. I think a lot of people, when they think of someone homeless, they don’t think of maybe a school teacher who went through a divorce and is down on her luck. They don’t think of a factory worker who lost their job and has three children to support and no husband. It’s every-day people we help.”

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