Camille’s Story

At the grand opening of Walnut Commons, Camille scanned the crowd for the YWCA staff. “Hey! Want to come see my new apartment?” she asked. “I’ll give you a tour of the whole place. I can’t wait to show you!”

smile-ywcaCamille is one of many YWCA residents who recently moved into the new permanent supportive housing apartments at Walnut Commons in downtown Muncie. As she showed off her new kitchen and home goods that she purchased for her very own apartment, she recalled her time at the YWCA.

Camille needed emergency shelter, but she was anxious about coming to stay at the YWCA. She told herself it was just a temporary home, just a place to lay her head at night that would help her until she could get back on her feet. “I just needed some help until I was able to support myself again.”

Camille did not expect to find a place full of encouragement, safety, and support. “I love it there. You feel safe. At the YWCA you know you’re taken care of.”

Camille worked diligently to get a job and was hired as a full-time third shift employee at a local company. “When I got my job, I knew that I would be okay. I knew that I could get back on my own.”

Camille attributes her success to the help and care of the YWCA staff and programs. “I was able to reach my goals because of the YWCA. Encouragement always helps. Everyone at the YWCA is our biggest cheerleader. They love us.”

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