Anne’s Story

Anne’s medical bills were piling up. Not long after losing her mother to breast cancer, she was diagnosed with the same life-taking disease. The only option she saw was to move in with her only family left: her mentally and physically abusive brother. The struggles just kept coming for Anne until she made the bold and brave decision to leave her dangerous situation and stay at the YWCA.

anneWhile at the YWCA, Anne was able to regularly attend her chemo treatments and plan for her financial future by attending programs provided by the YW. Anne secured a job and a new apartment for herself within one year of being at the YWCA.

Because of your donations women like Anne, who have suffered hardships, are able to get back on their feet. In order to be able to offer emergency shelter and keep programs running that empower women to live independently, we need the continued support from our community members and businesses.

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