Social Justice

Eliminating racism is a central tenet of the YWCA’s mission. Since the founding of the national YWCA 160 years ago, the organization has been at the forefront of the most pressing social movements, from voting rights to civil rights to pay equity.

Locally, the YWCA promotes activities throughout the year to promote racial and social justice.

A recent example:  Support of the Martin Luther King, Jr. Unity March on the campus of Ball State University. Community members and students braved a wind chill in the single digits to walk from the campus Multicultural Center to Shafer Tower and back. Prior to the walk, the Ball State and Muncie communities gathered for the MLK Community breakfast in memory of the civil rights leader.

MLK celebrations are just one example of how the YWCA works to:

  • Increase the equal protections, opportunities and human rights of women and children, regardless of color.
  • Participate and facilitate racial justice programs and services that increase awareness, and transforms inequities in areas such as employment, housing, and voting.
  • Participate in the annual Stand Against Racism campaign that builds community among those who work for racial justice, raises awareness about racism, and encourages community members to take action for change.