Meet the Ladies Behind Twice-As-Nice

For many years, Tri Kappa Delta Phi Chapter of Muncie has supported the YWCA in a plethora of ways. Most recently, they have hosted another huge Twice As Nice resale shop sale, raising hundreds for our organization in just two days.

Tri Kappa is a philanthropic organization that promotes charity, culture, and education across Indiana. The local chapter, Delta Phi, is for women in the Muncie area. A diverse group of nearly 100 women share a passion for making Muncie a better place to live. They achieve this by doing various philanthropic and service projects in the community, one being the YWCA’s Twice As Nice resale shop. Beyond their work, at the YWCA they work closely with the Muncie Children’s Museum and have an annual nut sale that funds community grants and scholarships.

To give back and dedicate so much time to an organization, requires passion. We asked several Tri Kappa members why they found it important to give back to their local YWCA. Here were their responses:

“The YWCA Central Indiana is one of the only places in Delaware County that houses women and children, so I am happy to support such a necessary and worthy cause in our community.” -Jan Richard

“Volunteering at the YWCA has shown me the need in Muncie to support women to become healthy, responsible citizens.” -Julie Eckelman

Since opening in 2010, the organization has brought in over $64,000 to the YWCA. Their continual support of our mission to eliminate racism, empower women, and promote peace, justice, dignity, and freedom for all has made a world of difference to our board, staff, and residents. We would not be able to continue our work without having them on our team. If you see a Tri Kappa member, thank them for their dedication to making Muncie better for everyone.