31 Ways To Empower Yourself & Others

The month of March is filled with women empowerment from beginning to end! March signifies Women’s History Month, International Women’s Day, and for the first time it was the month of a huge strike ‘A Day Without Women’. All of these events express to the world that women are here; we are important to society and the communities we reside in, and we will continue to fight for equality.

The YWCA Central Indiana has decided to add to the empowerment of women by launching a social media campaign during the month of March called 31 Ways To Empower Yourself And Others. A new tip or activity of empowerment will be released via our social media accounts every day, in hopes that people throughout this community can unite and empower themselves and others as we work towards a better nation.

Check out some of the ways you can empower yourself and others below and make sure you follow our social media to stay updated with our campaign!

Embrace who you are!

Write something encouraging for yourself and/or others and post it where it can be seen daily.

Build self-appreciation by purging negative thoughts of yourself.

Set goals and put them where you can see them daily.

Be kind and uplifting to people, you never know how you can shape someone’s day or life.

Remember that one day at a time we can build the nation we want to be, and be the change we want to see.

Chyanna Outlaw, Development and Marketing Intern