Women’s March: A Day Without A Woman

As women we are put in a difficult place when we want to make change, but when responsibilities challenge us, it may be difficult to actively participate in things without consequences. No matter where you are or what you are doing you can participate in a day without women on March 8, 2017, also known as International Women’s Day.

NEW YORK, NY (Photo by Spencer Platt/Getty Images)

A day without women is a strike to remind people that we the women are here. We want our voice heard, and because women make up over half the population, we know this strike will challenge the economy the more people that participate. If  you can’t be there physically please know you can still make your impact, and here’s some ways how:

  1. Pause Spending

During this strike we want people to take control of the money they are spending in the economy. Don’t invest in businesses during the strike period. Shop before or after the strike period for the things that you need. If you absolutely have to shop, try to shop at women owned local businesses or businesses that openly support the movement.

  1. Wear Red

While many people can’t miss work, by wearing red you will stand in solidarity with “ A Day Without Women Strike.”

  1. Spark a Conversation

Even though you might have to go to work during the strike period, spark a conversation in your work place with your boss and fellow employees. Why is this strike so important? What can be done to motivate change in our community, etc.?

  1. Donate

The organizations and campaigns that we see are normally donation-based companies that are serviced strictly by the donations they are given. Support companies that support your cause. Support the local ones first to change your community directly.

No matter what you’re doing on the day of the strike, just know what you can make a change!

Chyanna J. Outlaw, Marketing and Development Intern