Reproductive Rights for All

In honor of black history month, The YWCA Central Indiana would like to recognize Faye Wattleton. Wattleton was known for her position as the First African American Woman to become president of Planned Parenthood Federation of America. From 1978 to1992, Wattleton drastically changed the organization by fighting to increase health care services and women’s reproductive rights.  It is 2017, and Faye continues to fight for healthcare and women’s right.

With all the changes in healthcare, it’s no secret that the women have felt the greatest effects. With new administration, we face the possibility of major changes regarding women’s rights and the healthcare women receive.

  1. Birth Control

Women all over the world have been able to have access to birth control for little to no cost to them, with over 1.4 billion dollars saved on out- of- pocket expenses, however with the Hobby Lobby decision to allow jobs to deny birth control coverage to their employees, this could be a barrier to women being able to access birth control if they can’t afford it.

  1. Sex Education

The teen pregnancy rate was at an all time historic low with Barack Obama in office.  The United States has one of the highest unintended teen pregnancy rates and it is important that we give students access to the sex education programs. Without these programs, we can anticipate seeing the teen pregnancy epidemic increase.

  1. Health Care Equality

Regardless of race, gender, or religion, we as a community should have access to quality health care. All women, regardless of color or socio-economic class, have a right to affordable healthcare. We must continue to for healthcare equality.


  1. Contact you Senators

Contacting you senators will get their attention! Let them know that access to quality healthcare is a must.

Contact Congress

Once you’ve let your Senators know-then reach out to Congress.

  1. Get Involved

You can write, as many letters as your hands will allow, but if you don’t take action and get involved nothing will change. One of the biggest ways to get involved is to join organizations in your community that support your cause. Stand with them…work towards change hand in hand.

Join us in our mission to empower women, eliminate racism, promote peace, dignity, freedom, and justice for all. Visit to become apart of the change in your community.