Our 2017 Resolution List

Year after year, January serves as the perfect opportunity to reflect on the previous twelve months, visualize where you want to be twelve months from now, and then establish some goals you / your organization would like to accomplish throughout that time. A pep rally for the year to come essentially – and that is exactly what we used it as at the YW!

We can hardly contain our excitement for the plans we have up our sleeves, but a few areas we want to focus on this year are below:

Increase community awareness. We will not rest until never having to answer the question of if the YWCA is a YMCA for women, and even then we still won’t be done. We want to spread our message outside of the Muncie community and get surrounding areas that we serve involved in what we do as well. The number of women we serve continues to grow, not due to an increasing number of women in crisis situations, but due to their awareness of the help we can give them.

Increase program capacity. Educating our staff, residents, and the community about issues we stand for are so important to us. Improving and expanding the programs we host is something we strive to do in 2017 and for years to come.

Expand emergency shelter services. We are the only emergency shelter for women and children in east central indiana, and on cold winter days like today we may be the only warm place a woman has. We pride ourselves on being a safe sanctuary for these ladies, and we want to make their experience in our facility to be the best possible (the emergency shelter kitchen is being remodeled as we speak, yay!). Follow our content to keep up with changes.

The best part is that we want you to be a part of all of these great changes too! Let’s spend 2017 empowering women, eliminating racism, and promoting peace, dignity, justice, and freedom for all, together. Come back next week to learn how you can do so, and thank you for your continual support.

Happy New Years!

-Kari Wissel, Development and Marketing Coordinator