Let Love Live at the YWCA

This holiday season the YWCA is hoping to be the light at the end of the tunnel for 100 women in east central Indiana. In a time of crisis and emergency, we hope to give these women the confidence to leave the situation they are looking to escape, and to begin the process of rebuilding their lives in a healthy,684984 stable environment. We have nearly doubled the amount of women we serve a year not because the homeless population is growing, but because women are becoming aware of the services the YWCA has to offer. We need your help and support in achieving this goal.

Let Love Live is our holiday fundraising campaign hoping to change the lives of these women. With only $739 we are able to support a woman for an entire year in our facility. With that $739 we are able to give them the supplies needed to survive. These include items such as a warm bed and bedding, fresh towels, 
clean clothing, hygiene products, and a safe place to call their own. It also allows them to work with our residential department on setting goals and taking the steps necessary to become self-sustainable – our goal for all women we serve. Through this program the YW also gives women the option to attend programs such as Financial Literacy, Al-Anon and AA, and Parent Achievers. $739 is an odd number that gives women an even chance.

“The holidays can be a354n especially hard time. The staff works hard to make us feel not alone. I can’t imagine where I would be if I hadn’t found them.”  -YWCA Resident, 2016

Consider giving to the YWCA now through the end of December to be a part of bettering the lives of women in this community. Donations can be made online, mailed, or dropped off at our facilities. Make sure you keep an eye out for YWCA donation displays throughout the community through the month of December! Join us to empower women now.