Holidays Spent Homeless

As we’re gearing up for the end of 2016, what have you found to be on your holiday wishlist? Maybe the sparkling necklace that caught your eye at the jewelry store, or the latest gadget that’s been released? While those items sound amazing, there are many individuals and families whose wishlists consist of items such as winter coats or snow boots that allow them to stay warm. The YWCA is working hard to make sure women and children in our community have these necessary items under their tree.

15380617_1473541045996873_1446278060374096366_n“The hardest part about living in a shelter during the holidays is accepting something that is different than what you’ve imagined. My ideal Christmas would be spent waking up early with all of my grand kids, sipping hot chocolate while they open their gifts. Where I’m at right now, that’s just not possible, but it’s a goal. For now, I am grateful for everything the YW does to make it feel like we’re not spending Christmas alone.” -YWCA Resident, 2016

The YWCA works year round with these women, but this holiday season we want to do more than we ever have before. We are looking to change the lives of 100 women in east central Indiana and Let Love Live. For only $739 a woman is able to receive a bed, hot showers and towels, clean clothing, food, professional developments, and finally, a safe place to call their own for an entire YEAR! Although $739 is an odd number it gives a woman an even chance. Consider giving to the YWCA Central Indiana to be a part of our Let Love Live campaign help us  empower women in our community.

Donations can be made online, mailed in, or dropped off during normal business hours. Look for Let Love Live displays at local businesses now through the end of the year.

No one has ever become poor from giving. Anne Frank