What November Means To Us

During the month of November the YWCA is working on educating Muncie, and all of east central Indiana, on the issue of homelessness. Over the course of the past year we have been able to serve over 500 women and children, giving them a place to stay when they had nowhere else to go. This number has not increased due to an increasing number of women and children without a home, but because more and more women are being exposed to the opportunities our organization has available.

Individuals can become homeless for a wide variety of reasons. Common reasons may include:

  • Result of a traumatic event such as job losspitch-cover-photo
  • Physical and mental disability
  • Untreated mental illness
  • Domestic or substance abuse

Each woman that comes to the YWCA has a unique story and path that has led them to us. We work to get them back on their feet, and give them the resources they need to become independent and self-sustainable.

“I’m getting to move out this week! I’m sad because the ladies here are my family, but I will finally be able to live on my own and feel confident in myself and my abilities. I couldn’t have done it without the support I’ve received here at the YWCA.” –Current resident, Oct. 31, 2016.

All month long we’ll be sharing our knowledge on homelessness and how we’re working to end it one woman at a time. Follow our #NotJustHomeless campaign to get to know some of the women from right here in Muncie, to celebrate their success at the YWCA.

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