Domestic Violence Awareness Month: YWCA DV Survivor

During the month of October the YWCA dedicates our focus on raising awareness for domestic violence. Speaking up and bringing attention to this prevalent issue aids both men and women in abusive situations. Making available resources known, and building courage within these individuals, are only two of many objectives in a campaign such as this. Below you will find a residents story. She shared this information in hopes it can put domestic violence into perspective. This woman lived in an abusive environment for over thirty years, and she considers herself very lucky to be a survivor.

*Taylor became homeless after fleeing her home while her abuser worked a long shift. She ran to a domesticviolenceribbon480x600facility in Anderson staying for only a brief period of time before being moved to A Better Way, Bridges, and finally arriving at our doorstep. For many individuals, it is hard to imagine reasons to run away from your home, abandoning all of your possessions, and moving from one temporary home to another. From the time she was eighteen, Taylor’s life included mental, emotional, and physical abuse. Two of the abusers were the fathers of her children, and what she would come to realize as the most toxic relationships in her life. On a day-to-day basis Taylor was beaten, raped, and publicly humiliated which lead to an episode where she was essentially left alone to die.  It took emergency surgery and 44 weeks of physical therapy to get Taylor able to walk again. “My abuser, he would pour beer on me, pour urine in my hair, cut off my hair and well… I could go on. I’ve came so far since I’ve came to Muncie. I never thought I would have a life again,” Taylor stated nearly in tears.

After two years of shutting herself away from the rest of the world, Taylor was able to share her story for the first time with the YWCA. “When I came here to Muncie, I could immediately feel that it was good. You know how you feel like… kind of like home. This is the best place I’ve ever been in my life. I’m serious,” Taylor said repeatedly. She really valued the programs in place, the domestic violence workshop being her favorite, and the idea that our program is in place to better the lives of women. Since staying at the YW she has made it a goal of hers to help others and play a part in empowering other women.

“My goals are to get a job, get housing, and take care of my health. I’m not going to stop… keep striving for my goals. I’m in a much better place to do so.” –Taylor*

Following this interview, Taylor was able to move out of the YWCA and live on her own. She claimed that, at 51 years old she had never been happier or healthier.

1 in 4 Women Are Victims of Domestic Abuse – What Are You Doing to Change This?

October is Domestic Violence Awareness Month #LoveShouldntHurt


*Name has been changed for confidentiality.