Weekend Clean and Donate

Are you spending part of your weekend straightening up the house? Don’t know what to do with your unused goods? Here are some quick tips while you tidy up!

  1. Closet Cleanse

This trick is tried and true.  Start by turning all your hangers the opposite way on the rack.  Every time you wear an item and return it to your closet, place the hanger back in the correct position.   You’ll start to see what you really wear, and what’s just taking up space.  Bonus: for folded items, flip them upside down and employ the same tactic.  Then, donate your gently used items to our Twice as Nice Retail Shop!  Open Friday from 10am-2pm and Saturday from 11am-1pm.


  1. Garden Glory

Springtime in Indiana means beautiful (but inconsistent, to say the least) weather.  Thankfully, temperatures seem to holding stable, so now is a good time to start planting!  If you have a green thumb, stop by the YWCA to help in the Hope Garden!  We are currently in need of plant donations and volunteers.

Donate Now!

  1. Pantry Purge

Did you hibernate this winter?  If so, you might have overdone it with the canned goods.  If your resolution is to be healthier, spring is the perfect time to start!   Clean out the junk foods in your pantry to make room for healthier alternatives. Take inventory: what items do you use consistently, occasionally, or not at all?  Take the same approach with your refrigerator and freezer.  Pro tip:  check your kitchen appliances while you’re at it.  It might be time for a new toaster or blender.  The YWCA puts together packs of food for our residents, and we are always in need of non-perishables to feed our residents.  You can bring by donations Monday-Friday from 8:00 am-5:00 pm.


  1. Bookshelf Bum

Are you guilty of collecting books then letting them collect dust?  It may be time to clean out your collection.  Ask yourself, “Do I/will I have time to read this?”  And be honest!  If you haven’t picked it up within the past year or so, chances are you won’t in the next year.  And, chances are, your kids won’t either!  The YWCA has a full service library for residents and their children.  Our ladies are constantly visiting our library searching for new material so consider giving your old books a new home!


Some important questions to ask yourself as you tackle cleaning include: “Will I use this? Do I need this?  Does someone else need this more than I do?”  Keep the YWCA in mind as you are sorting through your house this spring.  Whether it’s time, talent, or treasure, be a steward of your community today!


  • Lesley Nickels, YWCA Intern