Dear Santa

Dear Santa,

How are you? I am fine. My mommy and me live at the YWCA shelter now so I hope you can find us. We like it here and everybody is nice.

I really hope Mommy gets things she wants for Christmas, like food that is easy. When cans don’t pop open she can’t open them too easy. Box and can stuff that you have to add in a bunch of other stuff isn’t very good either. She doesn’t like those ‘cause we don’t always have the other stuff to make them. I like things like oatmeal, noodle bowls, cans of b’sgetti with all of it mixed already, granola bars, soup with a pop top, and stuff like that.

Do you think maybe you could bring my mommy some of those?

For me, I’d really like a new pillow. And maybe a warm blanket, one that fits my whole bed. Could I ask for boots and gloves for me and mommy too? It hasn’t snowed yet but when it does we’ll need those to walk to the bus stop and stuff.

Mommy said one of the washing machines broke down. She said the people working here want to get another one but they need a donated washer. Santa, do you think you could bring the shelter a donated washer? It would be for everyone, not just Mommy and me.

I hope I didn’t ask for too much. Mostly I am doing pretty good, Santa. If you want, you can bring things for the other mommies and kids living here. They’d probably like some of the same stuff.

I love you, Santa.

Your friend,



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