YWCA Central Indiana Residents Learn Why Money Matters

primetrust-logoDo you know your credit score? If it isn’t something you check regularly, it should be! At least that’s what the YWCA residents learned during their Money Matters course.

Once a month, Primetrust Credit Union joins the women at the YW for an informational session on maintaining their finances. Topics range from opening a bank account to learning how to budget to having information on identity theft.

For this particular session, the women were offered information on how to obtain a free credit score, how to fix errors on your credit report, how identity fraud can be harmful, and how to take advantage of identity protection programs.

The YWCA residents enjoyed learning the necessities of money management and are looking forward to using these skills when they successfully move out into independent living. “I thought the class was really helpful! I didn’t know people could steal your identity so easily!” a YWCA resident explained.

Thank you to Primetrust for keeping the YWCA residents up to date on their finances!