Laundry Detergent Fundraiser: Get Clean!

Starting today, we will be selling five gallon buckets of laundry detergent as a fundraiser.  The cost is $45 per bucket, which is a great deal compared to the normal retail cost.  EVERYONE needs laundry detergent, and by buying from the YWCA, your money will be supporting women and children living in shelter.

Our goal is to sell 200 buckets! Help us reach this goal by spreading the word on social media (share this blog post on Facebook and Twitter!) and of course- asking your family friends.

Purchases can be made by calling 765-284-3345 or emailing All money is due upon placing order. We accept most major credit cards.

This smoking hot deal ends JULY 6 at 8:00am!

We’ve even broken down the retail cost vs. our super saver fundraiser cost: 640oz in 5 gallon bucket is equal to 6.4 bottles of 100oz (64 loads) at a local retail store for $13.00. That’s $83.20 that you would spend at a retailer vs $45 during the fundraiser! That’s a HUGE SAVINGS! PLUS- all proceeds from the fundraiser will go to the YWCA as opposed to a large corporation.

Choose from:

  • Tide Original
  • Tide w/ bleach
  • Tide w/ Febreeze
  • Tide Lavender
  • Tide w/ April Fresh Downy Softener
  • Coldwater Tide
  • Tide Clean Breeze
  • Tide Free and Clear
  • Tide Mountain Spring
  • Gain Original
  • Gain w/ Febreeze
  • Gain w/ bleach
  • Gain w/Mango Tango
  • Gain Outdoor Sunshine
  • Fabuloso
  • Downy Original Softener
  • Downy April Fresh Softener
  • Downy Mountain Spring Softener
  • Downy Clean Breeze Softener
  • Gain Lavender Softener
  • Gain Island Fresh Softener
  • Gain Mango Tango Softener

Laundry pods (300 count) are available in Tide original, Tide w/ Febreeze, Tide w/ bleach, Tide Free and Clear.